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What is AH-7921

AH-7921, also called doxylam and doxylan, is a new psychoactive substance, which is structurally similar to fentanyl, and having a potency that is described as comparable to morphine. Its makeup as a μ-opioid. AH-7921 is an opioid analgesic drug selective for the µ-opioid receptor, having around 80% the potency of morphine when administered orally.

This stable-labeled internal standard is suitable for quantitation of AH-7921 levels in urine or blood by LC-MS or GC/MS methods in clinical toxicology, urine drug testing, or forensic analysis applications. AH-7921 is an opioid designer drug with 80% the potency of morphine when administered orally. First discovered in 2013, AH-7921 is an active ingredient of synthetic cannabis found in Japan..

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